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Jonathan Chmelensky
9 days ago
Jonathan Chmelensky posted a video

Flower Festival in Genzano

Flower Festival in Genzano
International festival of ballet of Cuba 2014

Jeroen Verbruggen
22 days ago

Casse Noisette by Jeroen Verbruggen & French fashion house "ON AURA TOUT VU" for Le Ballet du grand theatre de Geneve. http://concert.arte.tv/fr/casse-noisette-par-jeroen-verbruggen-au-grand-theatre-de-geneve

Yevgenia Obraztsova Heidi S
almost 3 years ago

HS: Congratulations on Principal ! :) You are an absolutely beautiful dancer and I really love to watch you perform. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to watch you perform, live. All the very best to you !

YO: Thank you!

Heidi S
2 months ago

You're welcome.))) Thank you very much for responding to me. Receiving your response made me smile.) I wish you a beautiful week. God Bless You, always.

Yevgenia Obraztsova Tony Gittins
over 2 years ago

TG: Do any of you intend to dance in England? And, if so, will it be London only or will the rest of the country be fortunate?

YO: Please look my personal website, all information there!

Tony Gittins
2 months ago

Thank you, Yevgenia, for getting back to me! I had almost forgotten about this website, as I got no response to earlier questions. You have renewed my faith! haha!! x

Naya  Henry-Noel
4 months ago

Yevgenia you are a stunning dancer and such an inspiration to me! I was wondering what made you know you wanted to be a professional? Thank you!

Yevgenia Obraztsova Ashley Miller
almost 3 years ago

AM: Wow! I love you're dancing! It's so pretty! I like Mariinsky too, It was my favorite out of the other nutcracker performances on TV at christmastime.

YO: Thank you!

Yevgenia Obraztsova Elizabeth Olson
about 3 years ago

EO: You have always and will always be my favorite! I just wanted to let you know that you are such an inspiration to me and I hope to meet you some day!

YO: Thank you!

Yevgenia Obraztsova sheronika campbell
over 2 years ago

sc: Wow you are so elegant and beautiful your technique is very presise and just watching yoyou gives me goosebumps i just wanted to ask you what your favourite part about being a ballerina is?

YO: Thank you! The best is dance on stage!

Yevgenia Obraztsova Cathy Peters
over 2 years ago

CP: Beautiful....! You & Your Dance

YO: Thank you

Yevgenia Obraztsova Lola Milic
over 2 years ago

LM: Yevgenia, you are the best! :)

YO: Thank you!

Yevgenia Obraztsova Diana Yudina
over 2 years ago

DY: I admire your dancing! such technique and passion! Such dancers are one in a century.

YO: Thank you!

Judy Boc
6 months ago

Can you give us any suggestions on scholarships

Nimet A. Meydan
about 2 years ago

So cute

Balca Okur
about 2 years ago

amazing ballerina! I'll be lıke you ;)

Yevgenia Obraztsova jane yi
almost 2 years ago

jy: Yevgenia, you are so beautiful and talented!

YO: Thank you!

Yevgenia Obraztsova Nancy Moore
over 1 year ago

NM: Awesome

YO: Thank you!

Yevgenia Obraztsova John Zimmerman
6 months ago

JZ: Not only do you dance like an angel, but your personality lights up the room!

YO: Thank you very much!

Yevgenia Obraztsova Naya  Henry-Noel
4 months ago

NH: Yevgenia you are a stunning dancer and such an inspiration to me! I was wondering what made you know you wanted to be a professional? Thank you!

YO: Thank you! May be because my parents were professional dancers

Yevgenia Obraztsova Bruce Van Alstyne
2 months ago

BVA: I've just seen "Ballerina" and I must say, Yevgenia, you are a goddess. You inspire the writer in me. Thank you!

YO: Thank you!!!

Michal Krcmar
4 months ago
Michal Krcmar posted a video

Emeka Emmanuel
3 months ago

lovely and graceful....

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