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Michal Krcmar
5 months ago
Michal Krcmar posted a video

Emeka Emmanuel
5 months ago

lovely and graceful....

Michael Graff
about 1 month ago

We will be visiting Stockholm August 6, and would like to know what will be shown in ballet at that time.

Betty Del Moral
16 days ago

Beautiful !

Frank Wade
15 days ago

Just back from le Palais Garnier, the premier of Juliette et Romeo. What a disaster! A choreographic insult. Shame, shame, shame. An insult to the people of France, le Palais Garnier, and Tchaikowsky. The dancers were obedient to a demented choreographer...who appeared at the curtain call looking like a homeless street person...no respect for the audience who came from worlds away, properly dressed as the venue and common sense dictate, having paid top prices to be present. Sweden should offer apology from the Crown on down for such a dismal, dismal, horrible interpretation and presentation. From Amsterdam, New York, Rome, Sydney.. We all are very, very disappointed.

Jonathan Chmelensky
about 1 month ago
Jonathan Chmelensky posted a video

Flower Festival in Genzano

Flower Festival in Genzano
International festival of ballet of Cuba 2014

Jeroen Verbruggen
about 1 month ago

Casse Noisette by Jeroen Verbruggen & French fashion house "ON AURA TOUT VU" for Le Ballet du grand theatre de Geneve. http://concert.arte.tv/fr/casse-noisette-par-jeroen-verbruggen-au-grand-theatre-de-geneve

Yevgenia Obraztsova Heidi S
almost 3 years ago

HS: Congratulations on Principal ! :) You are an absolutely beautiful dancer and I really love to watch you perform. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to watch you perform, live. All the very best to you !

YO: Thank you!

Heidi S
3 months ago

You're welcome.))) Thank you very much for responding to me. Receiving your response made me smile.) I wish you a beautiful week. God Bless You, always.

Yevgenia Obraztsova Tony Gittins
over 2 years ago

TG: Do any of you intend to dance in England? And, if so, will it be London only or will the rest of the country be fortunate?

YO: Please look my personal website, all information there!

Tony Gittins
3 months ago

Thank you, Yevgenia, for getting back to me! I had almost forgotten about this website, as I got no response to earlier questions. You have renewed my faith! haha!! x

Naya  Henry-Noel
6 months ago

Yevgenia you are a stunning dancer and such an inspiration to me! I was wondering what made you know you wanted to be a professional? Thank you!

Yevgenia Obraztsova Ashley Miller
almost 3 years ago

AM: Wow! I love you're dancing! It's so pretty! I like Mariinsky too, It was my favorite out of the other nutcracker performances on TV at christmastime.

YO: Thank you!

Yevgenia Obraztsova Elizabeth Olson
about 3 years ago

EO: You have always and will always be my favorite! I just wanted to let you know that you are such an inspiration to me and I hope to meet you some day!

YO: Thank you!

Yevgenia Obraztsova sheronika campbell
over 2 years ago

sc: Wow you are so elegant and beautiful your technique is very presise and just watching yoyou gives me goosebumps i just wanted to ask you what your favourite part about being a ballerina is?

YO: Thank you! The best is dance on stage!

Yevgenia Obraztsova Cathy Peters
over 2 years ago

CP: Beautiful....! You & Your Dance

YO: Thank you

Yevgenia Obraztsova Lola Milic
over 2 years ago

LM: Yevgenia, you are the best! :)

YO: Thank you!

Yevgenia Obraztsova Diana Yudina
over 2 years ago

DY: I admire your dancing! such technique and passion! Such dancers are one in a century.

YO: Thank you!

Judy Boc
7 months ago

Can you give us any suggestions on scholarships

Nimet A. Meydan
about 2 years ago

So cute

Balca Okur
over 2 years ago

amazing ballerina! I'll be lıke you ;)

Yevgenia Obraztsova jane yi
about 2 years ago

jy: Yevgenia, you are so beautiful and talented!

YO: Thank you!

Yevgenia Obraztsova Nancy Moore
almost 2 years ago

NM: Awesome

YO: Thank you!

Yevgenia Obraztsova John Zimmerman
8 months ago

JZ: Not only do you dance like an angel, but your personality lights up the room!

YO: Thank you very much!

Yevgenia Obraztsova Naya  Henry-Noel
6 months ago

NH: Yevgenia you are a stunning dancer and such an inspiration to me! I was wondering what made you know you wanted to be a professional? Thank you!

YO: Thank you! May be because my parents were professional dancers

Yevgenia Obraztsova Bruce Van Alstyne
4 months ago

BVA: I've just seen "Ballerina" and I must say, Yevgenia, you are a goddess. You inspire the writer in me. Thank you!

YO: Thank you!!!

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