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Corps de Ballet, Staatsballett Berlin
Born: Windsor, ON, Canada

Dancer with Staatsballett Berlin.
Previously with The Royal Ballet.

Prizewinner at the 2011 Prix de Lausanne
Graduate of The Kirov Academy of Washington D.C.
Silver medal at the 2010 Beijing International Ballet Invitational for Dance Schools
First place at YAGP European semi-finals in the classical division in 2010
Second place at YAGP European semi-finals in the contemporary division in 2010

Finalist in the 2010 Jackson USAIBC
Spotlight segment on ABC's Dancing with the Stars Results Show(May 3,2011)
In The Wings; Featured in Pointe Magazine in 2010 December/January issue
DanceSpirit cover model Search Finalist in 2010
Corps member of Ballet Russe de Detroit
Accepted by Houston Ballet II in 2010


Dancer with Staatsballett Berlin.
Previously with The Royal Ballet.

Prizewinner at the 2011 Prix de Lausanne
Graduate of The Kirov Academy of Washington D.C.
Silver medal at the 2010 Beijing International Ballet Invitational for Dance Schools


Patricia Zhou - Queen of the Dryads variation

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Patricia Zhou Cindy Wang
about 1 year ago

CW: Dear Patricia! I'm a Chinese mom with a ballerina daughter. I like your performance very much! They look like effortless and graceful. I'm thinking of letting my daughter to become a professional if she can be accepted into one of the professional ballet academy in the future. But can you give me some advice like what the professional school like Kirov is looking for when you audition? Basically what will get you in? And how to work towards that? BTW, my daughter is a straight A student and a nice, gentle girl like you are. Wish you shine brighter and brighter on the stage!

PZ: Hello Cindy!
I'm sorry I can't help much, as I don't know exactly what they look for in auditions.
I think every school looks for different things. Of course raw talent and physical attributes are important, but I think the best thing is to just have fun and show that you are trying hard and that you(your daughter) love to dance.
Sadly there are not things that can "get you in"... I just would focus on improving each step as you never know when they'll notice you or how long they will have to watch you.
Hope this somewhat helped. Best of luck!


Patricia Zhou Sakura Li
over 1 year ago

SL: Hi Patricia! Just wanted to say I've watched your vids on youtube and absolutely cannot believe you started at 13! I've also started a little late, age 12, and we have similar body proportions and stuff (although I'm not nearly as good LOL) so you've been a huge inspiration to me! Right now I want to get prof training at Kirov or somewhere, but my asian parents are totally against the idea, like yours were. I remember reading or hearing somewhere that you got your grades up to convince them- was that all it took? And how'd you find the motivation to do that? I really want to be a dancer, but at the same time I absolute hate academic work and can never quite get all A's. Are grades the only way to convince asian parents like ours to let us do what we want? TT.TT

PZ: Hi Sakura,

They actually agreed to let me go to ballet school if I maintained my grades. I have always been a 4.0 student, so I just had to keep getting straight A's.
It is tough when your parents to not support your decision, but my parents were right: injuries are so prevalent in dance, so your studies need to be there as a back-up.
Try to show them another way how much this means to you. I'm sure they will only want what's best for you. xx

Patricia Zhou Lola Milic
over 2 years ago

LM: Hello again Patricia! I am very curious to know.....which brand of pointe shoes do you wear???? :) Thanks!

PZ: Hi Lola. i used to wear Gaynor Mindens but now I'm wearing Suffolks. x

Patricia Zhou Diana Yudina
over 2 years ago

DY: Hi Patricia! I love how you dance! You really inspire me. I have one question. Do you know what I can do to improve turnout, because I stretch and stretch and I've stretched everything I could for turnout, so on the floor it's perfect but I still cannot turn out my legs. Please help!!!!!! :D

PZ: Hi Diana.

Thank you for your lovely compliments!!

It seems like you haven't figured out the right muscles to use...
If you really concentrate on using your glutes instead of gripping your thighs and using the floor, I think it will make a big difference. It is really difficult to find the right muscle to use, but when you find it, it will help so much. Not with just turn out but staying on your leg, and pirouettes as well!!

Try and do a few glute exercises... I am not sure if it will help, as I've never seen you in person, but I hope it helps!!

xx P

Diana Yudina
over 2 years ago

Thanks alot!:D

Diana Yudina
over 2 years ago

Thanks alot!:D

Patricia Zhou sophia collins
over 2 years ago

sc: Hi Patricia!!! I love you so much you are so amazing and perfect I am your biggest fan ever you are my inspiration!! I was wondering if you had any tips on extensions and pointe work? I just started pointe a month ago and I can barely get a double pirouette :/ Thank you so much it is unbelievable to talk to you I love you!!!

PZ: Hi Sophie!!

First of all, thank you!! You are too sweet.
--Don't worry about your doubles. You've only just started pointe. It will take a while for your body to adjust! I couldn't do doubles for quite a while after I started pointe.
Just work on strengthening your feet and ankles, and the rest will come with time.
Also, for extensions, my only advice is to work on strength. just take it a little bit at a time. If you try to lift your legs higher than you can, you'll probably end up gripping, tilting your hips, and really sore.

So basically, it's just keep working hard... and smartly!!

xx P

Patricia Zhou Skylar Jones
over 2 years ago

SJ: Hi Patricia! I am a huge fan! I was just wondering if you had any advice to make legs more flexiblele. For leaps, grande batmans, etc.. Thank you so much! You are such an inspiration (:

PZ: Hi Skylar. Sadly my only advice will be the same as others... Stretch!! :) xx

Patricia Zhou Chacha Chan
over 2 years ago

CC: Hi Patricia, my 11-year-old girl has just been accepted to Shanghai Dance School and the summer school of Canada's National Ballet School. We are from Hong Kong so Canada is really far. So you think distance is important when choosing a ballet school for my girl?

PZ: Hi Chacha.
I do think you have to overlook distance when finding a school. Your daughter is very young though, so you might look into sending her farther away when she is about 13/14. if she really wants to be a professional dancer, training really matters, so finding a good teacher is essential.
To me, the right teacher is hard to find, so when you find him/her, I'd go wherever they are. I was lucky at the Kirov in D.C. to have such great teachers.
I think that is the most important thing to consider.

Hope this helped.
Best of luck.
xx Patricia

Patricia Zhou
over 2 years ago
Patricia Zhou posted a video

Swan Lake Adagio

Swan Lake Adagio
Danced with Sergei Sidorsky(Kiev) at the Stars of Russian Ballet Gala-August 2011

Patricia Zhou Belén Aguilar
over 3 years ago

BA: I like you a lot! I wish you the best from Spain!

PZ: Thank you!!

Mae Hurtig
over 2 years ago

Any advice for a dancer going to the Kirov Academy of Ballets summer intensive?

Patricia Zhou
over 2 years ago

Work hard--and don't get discouraged if the teachers are yelling at you. That means they like you!

Patricia Zhou Lola Milic
over 2 years ago

LM: Dear Patricia, I think that you are totally amazing and I've watched your Swan Lake videos on youtube a lot. I have one question: How many contract weeks does a dancer have at the Royal Ballet? I'm just curious to know, because the Royal Ballet is my dream company :)

PZ: Hello Lola. Since I joined as an apprentice through Prix de Lausanne, I had a one year contract. If you join as a corps de ballet dancer, you have a probation period of 6 months, but if you are kept after your first year, you pretty much have a job indefinitely. Hope this clears things up. xx Patricia

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