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First Soloist, Royal Swedish Ballet

Born: Bristol, United Kingdom

Sarah Jane Medley trained at the Royal Ballet School London. After graduating, she joined the Royal Swedish Ballet. There, she danced in ballets such as Nutcracker, Husan and Snow Queen by Isberg, "Handle" by Alonzo King, Olga in "Onegin" by Cranko, "Isolde" Tristan" by Krzysztof. Pastor, "Dreamland" by M. Mrozewski , "Grey Area" by David Dawson and the Fairy in Jean-Christophe Maillot’s "Cinderella" . Her repertoire also includes works of Neumeier, Hampton, Balanchine, P.Wright, Makarova and Ratmansky.

Joined Monte Carlo Ballet 2007, Soloist since 2008.
Roles danced Vers Un Pays Sage, Fairy, Mother, Cinderella, La Belle, Hippolyta, Le Songe, Opus 40, Opus 50, Altro Canto 1 and 2, J.C. Maillot. Sheherazade, J.C Maillot, Pavillion d' Armide, Matjash Mrozewski, In the Middle Somewhat Elevated,Forsythe Walking Mad, J. Inger, In The Upper Room, T.Tharp.
Writing Ground, Alonzo King

In 2008 danced in the international gala tribute to San Francisco Ballet in San Francisco with Monte Carlo Ballet, Altro Canto.

Repertoire also includes works of Nijinsky, Bejart, Kylian, Emio Greco and Alonzo King.

Rejoined Royal Swedish Ballet July 2012 as First Soloist
Roles danced.
Aurora, Lilac Fairy , Sleeping Beauty, Marcia Haydee
I new then, Johan Inger, Julia & Romeo, Mats Ek, Snow Queen, Nutcracker by Isberg, The Emperor, Jo Stromgren, Bill, Sharon Eyal, Artifact Suite, Forsythe, 1st Pas de Deux, Raymonda, Pontus Lidberg,
Midsommarnattsdröm, Alexander Ekman, Kärleksparet


Sarah Jane Medley trained at the Royal Ballet School London. After graduating, she joined the Royal Swedish Ballet. There, she danced in ballets such as Nutcracker, Husan and Snow Queen by Isberg, "Handle" by Alonzo King, Olga in "Onegin" by Cranko…


Sarah Jane  Medley - Writing Ground by Alonzo King

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Sarah Jane  Medley Issei Ikeda
9 months ago

II: Hello!

SJM: Hello 😄

Issei Ikeda
9 months ago

Thank you for your answer to my very short comment. I was very moved your role Cinderella of Monaco ballet in Japan.(In fact,I got your autograph.I thought that you were so kind .) From that time, I became your fan.Now I am looking for DVD that you played ever. If possible ,teach me those ones.

Sarah Jane  Medley
9 months ago

Thank you !! I am in Le Songe Dvd with Les ballets de monte carlo. I think you can buy it anywhere !! take care sarah

Issei Ikeda
4 months ago

Hello!How are you? I watch Le Songe Dvd with Les ballets de monte carlo and was very moved.It's a pity that I cannot see many splendid dancers like you,Daria Ivanoba and Mariko Kida at Live. I hope you will come back home to Japan with your company in a few year, if possible.By the way,sweden is far away from Japan. You have lived in that country for about ten years.From Monte-Carlo to Sweden,How beautiful life and day it is!

Sarah Jane  Medley Agneta  Christoferson
over 1 year ago

AC: The Emperor Premiär fredag 24 Jan You and Jerome Marchand were just wonderful !!! Wow,Wow, so happy to have such quality at Kungliga Operan.

SJM: Thank you very much !!! sarah & jerome x

Sarah Jane  Medley Morag Alexander
over 2 years ago

MA: I hope you are well, I often think off you and would like you to know how proud we are at your success. I am building new studios across from the Brunton Theatre and very much hope you will visit them when you are home next time. We are also working on a new web page at the moment and would very much like to use a couple of photos from you. I realize you were not with us very long but so many of the children and mothers especially from North Berwick ask about you therefore it would be nice to have some of your recent photos as we have the one when you were about 11 years of age holding onto a chair and the one your mum sent me when you left the Royal.

SJM: Hello Morag, it was so nice to see your comments. I am hoping to get home this Xmas for a few days ( first time in five years!!!). If I have time I will pop in to see you. I will send some recent photos as soon as I can.
Great news about the new studios, I would love to see them.
All best wishes Sarah Jane xx

Sarah Jane  Medley Amy Kerr
about 3 years ago

AK: Hi Sarah! Did you ever dance with Morag Alexander as a child? There is a picture of a Sarah Medley onon her facebook, and I thought it might be you! :)

SJM: Hi Amy ! Yes I started dancing at Morag Alexander Ballet School at age 5 until age 10. Then I started full time Ballet training. My season end's in the middle of June, and I will be in Edinburgh for a while. ( I love being home for a few weeks!!) Good Luck with your Ballet.

Sarah Jane  Medley Geraldine Montgomery
over 3 years ago

GM: Cinderella at the Segerstrom center, you were just fantastic!!!

SJM: thank you very much! sarahxxx

Sarah Jane  Medley Karl Smith
over 3 years ago

KS: Is it true you are back in Stockholm for next season!!! It makes me very happy to be able to see you dance again

SJM: Yes!! I start again next season. I`m also happy to dance again in sweden. Thank you for your kind words!! sarahxxxx

Karl Smith
over 3 years ago

BRA !!!!

Georgina Williams
over 3 years ago

Hi Sarah and Jerome, Hope you made it back to your Hotel without taxi complications. Once again your dancing was outstanding. Please let me know if you both ever come back here to California. I would like to see you perform again. How did you like Javier's?

Sarah Jane  Medley Anna  Benke
over 3 years ago

AB: Wow!! Stuning photos

SJM: Thank you very much!!

Sarah Jane  Medley Marco Cappalunga
about 4 years ago

MC: awesome photos Sarah

SJM: Thank you!!!

Sarah Jane  Medley Claire Bates
over 4 years ago

CB: Warm wishes to you, in Stockholm I watched you dance the role of "Isolde" in the Ballet "Tristan", you were wonderful to watch.

SJM: Thank you very much! I really miss dancing in Stockholm.You should come to watch in Monaco sometime?

Barbel Hintenberger
over 4 years ago

Hi Sarah,lovely to get an answer from you. Hope you are well. The girls are sending their love to you too. Take care. hugs

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